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Mari Stowe

Mari Stowe


Mari is a vibrant, dedicated, and hardworking individual. She can establish positive relationships with anyone she encounters. Additionally, she excels at active listening and finds gratification in assisting others. With over 22 years of experience in the beauty industry and sales, she recently ventured into the mental health sector, specifically engaging in peer counseling over the phone for nine months. Mari's joy is boundless when she assists individuals in achieving their dreams. The area of Lake Forest holds a special place in her heart, as her father has lived there for 45 years. The presence of trees and homes constructed from the late 1960s to the early 1980s fuels her passion for the region, inspiring her to bring the same level of joy and fulfillment to her clients. Mari cherishes spending time with her children and supportive partner outside of work. She indulges in activities such as exercising at the gym, hiking, socializing with her girlfriends, and attending church. Mari's artistic nature is evident as she takes pleasure in painting and embracing her creative side. Mari endeavors to provide exceptional service with honesty and integrity to her clients. She firmly believes in the advice she receives, urging her to take risks and pursue her dreams without any regrets.

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